Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coffee with a view, eew!

Coffee is somewhat of a cultural thi9ng here in the Pacific Northwest, home to such companies as Tullys, Starbucks and Seattle's Best (now owned by Starbucks). Although it's busting out everywhere else. When I vacationed outside of Atlanta last year, I found a Starbucks to go to, though not as easy as I do here in Seattle. Here, you can have two Starbucks in the same building, on opposite corners one would server 4th avenue, while the other served 3rd. Both would have lines in the morning and be busy all day long.

However it doesn't stop there, here we also have many little coffee stops, you can't drive 2 blocks without seeing a drive-thru coffee stand. Although I guess from now on I better be careful where I stop with the family for coffee. A recent article in the Times has served notice that some people are expecting and getting a little more than coffee in the morning as an eyeopener. A few coffee stands have taken to serving their drinks in their underclothes. I will accept the title of old fashioned here, maybe even a prude, but I want my coffee barista to be fully clothed when they serve me my drink. Heaven help us!

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